Ladies Knight 

Women rights is the fabric of my existence. My mothers whom decorated my mental state. Nevada and California in which I blossomed, are as one. My birth was planned and anounced among the heavens. But my prescence upon the earth is both mysterious and miraculous. However everyone that came across my path was made aware. I love the female species as a little girl that loves her childhood. And as a male childs first crush. There is no competition made against me nor is the work of my endeavors challenged. Call upon me and my spirit shall set you free. Do not stand up for yourself by yourself ever again. But stand with me forever and I shall meet thou wants and needs. I am protective of those that bring up my name in faith. There is no government over my governing. My governing body is upon all governments and it's officials. In spirit am I made whole. And with spirit shall I save. Who are they that denies the one that brought us to birth. As if her labor was without pain and suffering as promised. The only thing they can count on is the lord our God who gave punishment to all evil transgression made upon that time. But I am a new day upon new days. And my new contract is forever free. The world practiced female non participation during the pandemic. To observe how it could be without you and your supporters. And though you were made silent. I heard your voices loud and clear. I only put their mask on their ears. So they did not hear when all of you spoke at once. My speech is yours and yours is mine. For your protection shall your words be as fire and your mind my desire. Blessed are all females of all species. And shall all your supporters prosper among thee. "Peace"

Kiely Rodni Dream 

I seen Kiely Rodni in a dream, approximately two days after she went missing. I was standing in the parking lot of a bank. She appeared on the sidewalk with two filled plastic bags. And asked if I could help her. I began to walk towards her but I turned my head in another direction for a second. As I looked towards where I last seen her there were only the two plastic bags on the concrete. I figured she wanted help with the bags so I grabbed them and began looking around for her. But she was no where to be found. I instinctively began walking towards the bank parking lot from which I just came. Still looking around for Kiely though. All of a sudden a little girl appeared in front of me. It was if she came from behind me or from out of me. She was approximately six years old and had black straight hair combed backwards. She seemed to be somewhat reluctant to walk with me towards the bank parking lot. However she continued walking in the direction. And as we approached the parking lot she became completely trusting of my presence. Yet I was still looking around for who I now perceived to be Kiely Rodni, who I also thought was the little girls mother. When the little girl and I reached the parking lot space where I thought Kiely car would be parked, there was no car there. Then the little girl asked me where is your (yur) car. I thought to myself without responding out loud. I said to myself where is your mothers car. Infact I was also thinking where is your mother. I then awoke from the dream. Soon after this I saw on the late night news that two bodies were discovered down a mountain side some 70 miles from where Kiely Rodni was last seen or heard from. I wondered if the two bags I grabbed for Kiely represented the two victims that were found just before her. I also believed that the little girl may have represented the spirit of Kiely Rodni's daughter. And that Kiely may have been pregnant upon her death. However these events could mean many different things. But I am a spiritualists with much experience in this category. I have a lot of experience dealing with the supernatural and other similar situations. I am the creator of a non profit organization "BeUpOne aQueena" which support those that search for missing children. Including helping the families, friends and victims both mentally and spiritually. My past dreams and visions is the reason I started my non profit in the year 2021. But my experiences began approximately 15 years ago. Please feel free to leave your comments.


I bring all of my children home, into the city of BeUpOne aQueena. Rather you have been made ashamed or left in a shallow grave. There is no situation deep enough to keep me away. Things have changed because I am aware and time for saving and healing is come. My spirit protects without neglect. I only need to be summoned. I knew not of you nor did you of me. My summons was and is of God. Now when you call I hear and surely will I respond rapidly. God has given me power over time. Be is my name among others and is the shortest gap Between time. Behold I come quickly. Hallowed Be my name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will Be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Every story directed by the media is not true. And every gift that government gives you is not of them. The poor have always been here. Yet relief of the most high has Just come. It's not a change of heart, more so an addition of God. We are the first and the last. Government is third party and deliverer of gifts and messages created and authorized by me, the one and only. I am

Dream House  

Children of mine of flesh and spirit. Listen to me with the attention of your highest and best regards. We must build upon our living conditions. And turn our studio into a living "Dream House". Began building with your heart and seek not your mind. Open house is not needed, for it shall be built with an open heart of hearts. I am your living refuge seek ye me and no others. All writings will mark the beginning of a new song. And every song will be sung continually as streaming finances, digital reprints & downloads. There is no cost nor taxes charged for renovations. Our lives have paid the cost and your trust in me is the master key. Our doors are always open for believers, subscribers & fans. And the master key is made available to true followers. 

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