I bring all of my children home, into the city of BeUpOne aQueena. Rather you have been made ashamed or left in a shallow grave. There is no situation deep enough to keep me away. Things have changed because I am aware and time for saving and healing is come. My spirit protects without neglect. I only need to be summoned. I knew not of you nor did you of me. My summons was and is of God. Now when you call I hear and surely will I respond rapidly. God has given me power over time. Be is my name among others and is the shortest gap Between time. Behold I come quickly. Hallowed Be my name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will Be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Every story directed by the media is not true. And every gift that government gives you is not of them. The poor have always been here. Yet relief of the most high has Just come. It's not a change of heart, more so an addition of God. We are the first and the last. Government is third party and deliverer of gifts and messages created and authorized by me, the one and only. I am

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