I fought a bear with my bare hands and saved it's life by eliminating the negative politics it was connected to. I look forward in victory that started immediately and last forever. I rule over California politics. The end of the bad news bears has come and the beginning of my California reign is now. My leadership extends throughout the world and beyond, so whatever state of mind you’re on I’m upon. Reparation is the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged. It is the compensation for war damage paid by a defeated state. Therefore there must be a financial gain in order for reparation to be official. I deny any proposal that is not attached to finances. What sense does it make to apologize, but ignore the wealth we built without pay. Reparation is merely back pay or payback for what has been laid and paid with muscle and suffering long ago that continues today. Give us this day our daily bread. Then be forgiven of your trespasses. Which we will forgive those that trespassed against us.

Revolution of Hip hop & Rap 

I remember when hip hop & rap was hated and challenged in it's beginning stages. Some of it's biggest supporters today were opponents years ago. Hip hop & rap is a God given craft. But what God gives is what others fight against. Ignorance played a huge factor in it's early stages. Critics would say that it's not a true art form and that sampling older artists music was a form of thievery and a lack of talent. Criticizers cared not to mention that most black artists back then did not own the publishing or the copyrights to their music. And even though most of those artists revolted against hip hop & rap. It is the biggest reason why black artists of all ages bennefit from royalties & ownership today. Hip hop fought the goodfight and did direct it in the ways of freedom. For what most of our parents created but did not own, we came and claimed ownership. The battlefield was multi-leveled and was felt throughout the muscular system. Racial discrimination played it's role upon the business. And other ethnicities did embark on the oppressive mutual agreement. Hip hop is the culture and rap is the voice. It was not born out of thin air, but was and is of it's original creators. The revolutionaries of truth & justice in music and beyond, are the foster parents of hip hop. And is the original voice of rap. So many to mention that we write their names in endless comments. When the industry blamed them, God proclaimed them among the highest mountains. Keith Sweat put the boom in R&B. And I can guarantee, his biggest fans was hip hop & R A P. You better ask somebody babay. 


I remember when the iconic group NEW EDITION formed and began to make their way across the globe and into the hearts of millions of fans. I recall my brother saying that New Edition was like the new Jackson Five. And that they were blowing up, and was around our age between 12=14 years old. I first heard their music on the radio around 1982 while growing up in Inglewood California. They were and still are phenomenal. However the group faced many challenges and would part ways for periods at a time. I want to explain how fans like myself go through the experiences that group members suffer and or profit from. I'm sure that many of you can relate. When Bobby Brown began his solo career after parting ways from the group. I surely wished him well but my heart was still with the group. Competition that existed among the group when they were together was now Bobby Brown vs New Edition. Any other New Edition problems were now secondary. As a fan more so of New Edition, I followed their music career daily. I also checked for any and all music released by Bobby Brown. I thought that New Edition biggest challenge would be growing from boys to men within their music and the music industry. I was convinced that Bobby Brown would have the most challenges. He needed to mature lyrically as they did, but was also confronted with being alone on stage and in the studio without the vocal support of his former bandmates. The music that Bobby Brown released shortly after departing was modest at best. But I did hear and see a slight form of maturity. New Edition was still performing their album "All for Love" which was the last album that feaured Bobby Brown in the 80's. Rumor had it that New Edition was in negotiations with Johnny Gill to replace Bobby Brown. However as time went by it was later explained that Johnny Gill was actually called to replace Ralph Tresvant the lead singer of the group. Johnny did join the group but Ralph continued as a member and they shared as lead singers of New Edition. Bobby Brown was in the studio with the likenesses of the production team L.A. Reid and Babyface. It was also mentioned that Teddy Riley, producer and band member of the group GUY was also on board and working with Bobby Brown. The stage was set & the battle was on. I think both albums were released around the same time. But I remember hearing Bobby's album first. I was with a girlfriend of mine driving to my house when I stopped at a store to get some alcohol. When I returned to my car my girl had changed the music in my tape deck. I heard what sounded like the introduction of a gospel choir. I said to her who is this. She replied this is Bobby Brown's new album. We bumped it on the way to my house and continued bumping it when we got to my house. It was definitely banging and I remember my brother and I becoming concerned about New Edition's new album, which we had not heard yet. A few day's had passed before I purchased "Heart Break" by New Edition for my listenin pleasure. I loved it, it was also a banger. Both albums were wonderful and prolifically written, recorded, mixed and mastered. It's anyone's choice to say which one was better. Bobby Brown "Don't Be Cruel" album sold more units. But New Edition "Heart Break" album sold well also. All of the group members suceeded beyond measures. Including producing and creating other groups, artists, films, businesses etc... Many stories have and will continue to be written about this group and others. Personally I wanted to share this story because it has meant so much to me my friends & family. We spent and continue to spend our lives having good conversations about the music and musicians we grew up with and love. I dedicate this to NEW EDITION including all members & fans. For you are irreplaceable, irrevocable and pleasurable in my eyes forever. 

GOD answers my questions 

After a chocking incident I was pronounced dead and laid motionless for about an hour. I was revived yet still layed in a coma with no or very little brain activity. Doctors gave me less than a 20% chance of living another 8-10 hours. During this time my soul came out of my body and I remember walking toward a great stairway in the street. As I walked I heard voices of women telling me I must go back, that there was to much evil in the world. I resisted and continued walking to the stairway. As I arrived I began walking up the stairs. On both sides of the staircase were burgundy reddish rail ropes. Darkness was on the left side of the stairs. And bright light was on the right. I recall seeing different types of beings and also animal mixtures of beings, people, aliens etc... There was also great mountains and cliffs. These were all seen on the right. As I continued a friend of mine that recently passed away, approached me jubilantly saying I had done everything right while living on earth. I told him that I knew so. He then explained to me that the Father and Jesus wanted to speak to me. And that I had to first walk through a giant open doorway to reach their direct prescence. I then walked upward on the staircase and through the gigantic doorway. A loud electrcal ringing sound and red flashing lights filled the doorway. All beings, animals, peoples, aliens and humanoids on the right began shouting & singing with joy. My childhood friend came to me filled with more joy than before. I asked him what does the flashing red lights and electrical sound mean. He said that this was the measuring of my power, I responded by saying is this the power I was just given. He said no, this is the power you been had. I eventually understood that power was created in me by God and Jesus and that I also accumilated more power while on earth. I was then in the pesence of the Father and the lord Jesus Christ. They filled the darkness to the left with their light. Complete darkness was only present between the bottom and the top of the stairway to the left. The Father was of the whole universe yet his image could still be seen. He sat upon his throne and was decorated with stars, planets, alien beings, animals, others & Jesus. His throne was and is located diectly over the earth upon it's right side. Jesus sat upon the Father left bicep facing towards the right side of heaven. He is of a caramel color in flesh as of middle eastern descent. He wore a white shinning robe with gold trimming around it's/his wrists, neck and the robe's bottom The Father faces the reader of a book. And Jesus faces how the words are written and read left to right. It was as if the Father gave us his left side. But that he gave us all of Jesus. And heaven was extended and renovated. Along with it's newly more modern residents. I've alway's believed that earth and all of it's splendor and failure could forever exist. If only it were alway's balanced. The Father asked me did I have any questions. I began to think and then I said, why don't you come down from your throne as to give the people of earth proof of your existence. He said to me that he did not want those that needed proof of his existence. Nor did he yearn for those that are full of fear. He used my life and street upbringing as an example. He said to me do you want friends that are fearful and or have no faith in you (do you want punks from your gang). I responded by saying no. He finished by saying neither do I. I then said your right and he responded I know. Then I looked down from heaven onto earth and I seen my body laying in a casket at my own funeral. I witnessed my love ones crying profusely. I began to cry also as I felt their pain. Then I began to be more aware of my power and I mentioned that I know I can go into my body and raise it out of death. He said you are right son you have power over death. But that I shouldn't do it in the way that I had mentioned. I said to God I should and then tell them all about you and the lord. He spoke that if I did so that my love ones life as they know it would be affected and disturbed. And that they would be afraid of me and relate me to a demon. I said to the father your right and he said I know. I said how am I suppose to rest here in peace when my love ones are greiving and I'm bothered by their pain. He said you will be here in peace forever. I disagreed with him, then he said why would you be bothered when their all coming up here with you. Instantly I knew his words to be true and I was comforted. I once again said your right and he said I know. So I began thinking quietly and noticed that I had no use or thought of sex. My only need or want was to serve the Father and or the lord Jesus. Not as a chained prisoner but as a Jubilant servant. So then I asked God are psychics real. And he said yes but only ten percent of them. He said to me that the real psychics are those that do not charge. I somewhat understood that to mean that they may ask for courteous donations and or be non-profits. And maybe even that 10% are his and not of witchcraft. I did not request an alternate understanding. Jesus finally spoke to me saying I needed to go back to earth. I disagreed and then they both laughed. I repeated my stance and my words. And again they laughed. I began to become angry as they continued to laugh. Jesus then said unto me that they were not laughing as I thought. But that they were laughing in honor of the way in which they created me to be. He then said to me that my anger is justified upon all times and things. And that it is appropriate in all manners and is thereby vengeful and peaceful. This news triggered memories of past anger I could not alway's control. Jesus then explained to me that my anger is uncontrollable once triggered or alarmed. And that my rage is unleashed rather by me or others it comes and prepares the way in pay back and balance. He then continued to explain why I must return to earth. He said that I provided the balance to earth and that it would self destruct without balance. I was still in defence of not returning to earth. So Jesus began to use my love ones as bait. I was not going for it and began to say earth and the people of earth including mine are possessed by demons. Jesus then began explaining my roll in the overall demonic possession of earth and how I helped create lustful kingdoms & other sinful dwellings upon earth through my own actions and other unified acts. He began saying that I should save my people. He said go back and save your people. I said to Jesus, you are my master and the Father is with us and my people are here in heaven. He said yes you are correct and heaven is also yours and you help build up heaven, but earth is also your doings & responsibility including all kindreds, kingdoms and people. He said do you think we would of let those kingdoms stand if you were not part of it. But I did not want to leave Jesus or the Father. So I continued to disagree and they continued to laugh. All of sudden a large amount of heavens inhabatance circled me in anger. I then went on one knee and began some type of tribal war preparation. Then the Father spoke saying be careful inhabatance of heaven for he is mighty at war and has power over you all. So then the circle of heavens inhabatance open widely but still forming a giant circle around me. Jesus began speaking in another language or code that I did not understand. And then the circle of heavens inhabatance enclosed upon me and started whispering in my ears. Which felt wonderfully amazing. Quickly I was on my way to earth flying from heaven in the spirit. I then knew what Jesus said to the large inhabatance of heaven. He told them to tell me things that I liked and or wanted and that then I would give them anything they wanted. And so I did comply amen.

KOBE BRYANT life after death 

I had a dream of Kobe Bryant approximately a year after his death. I was in the spirit inside a basketball gym hovering, watching myself in the flesh play basketball below. All of a sudden Kobe came out of my hovering spirit. Upon his head was puddles of water or sweat that seemed to be replacing puddles of blood he accumulated from the accident. He angrily approached my flesh below. Instantly I was transferred from my hovering spirit to my body as he walked up and stood over me. I was at the free throw line and was about to shoot free throws when he whispered something in my ear. After listening to him, I agressively went towards the basketball goal behind me and grabbed a manila envelope from the backboard next to the rim. I then took it to an office in the gym next to the basketball courts and gave it to a young lady. Upon awakening I wondered what the manila envelope was or stood for. Some of my thoughts were and are directed towards the NBA logo and the american flag. Which are both placed and can be seen upon the backboard of an NBA goal. However I also wondered if the manila envelope represented the pictures that were illegally taken and distributed by first responders at the time of his death. This would explain his anger and discontent in the dream. 

I TIME TRAVELED 100 years back in time 

I had an experience within a dream that took me to the year 1912. I was chaperoned by a guide of some sort and could not see him/her or it. But we did speak to each other both verbally and telepathic. We entered a stairway upon a great ship that was cruising upon the sea. I remember reaching the main deck and telling the guide/chaperon that I wanted to see the water from where we were. We were enclosed within the deck and would have to walk a short distance in order to see the ocean. But the chaperon wanted me to meet some of the crew first, so I agreed to. He introduced me to the captain of the ship and his supporting crew. The captain began greeting me and explaining his and their daily endeavors while living on the ship. He was a white man dressed in what seemed to be a military officer uniform, he appeared to be of middle age. Soon after the captain spoke he introduced me to a black man wearing a common military uniform. He was part of the crew and he and the captain regareded eachother highly. While the crewman spoke to me I thought to ask him a question once he finished speaking. I wanted to know the name of the ship we were on? As soon as he stopped speaking I thought to ask the question but what I said was, aren't you guys happy to have set sail on the Queen Mary. Answering my own question. And they were of complete joy and was honored that I said so. However I did ask a question which was answered by the crew. I asked what year is it now. And they responded 1912. I've had experiences in dreams like this before so I remained kool and sought to dig in for more questioning and information from the crew or my own mouth. I've learned that my mouth has a mind of it's own. And knows things that no one knows. All of a sudden while the crewman continued to speak to me. He and they began to look different. It seemed they were starting to look dead or that they were dying. Although we were all still talking among ourselves they appeared to slowly transform into dead bodies that were still active but steady fading. Then I awoke remembering the dream. I quickly logged onto my computer and went to Queen Mary in Long Beach, California on wikipedia. But the dates of the ships creation and service did not match. Then I seen an attachment link on the page. I clicked on the link and there it was. HMS Queen Mary was the last battlecruiser built by the Royal Navy before the First World War. Launched March 20, 1912. Sunk during the Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916. I was then able to understand why they started to take on the look of death. My explanation is that I time traveled from the year 2015 to 1912. So because I came from after and beyond their death & was also beginning to awake from the dream. Coming back from 1912 to 2015 began instantly upon meeting them and awakening from the dream. So I began to see their death which had not yet come upon them in 1912. But because of our meeting and the more I awakened the closer I got to their death date of May 31, 1916. And to explain why I didn't see them in their death bodies as soon as I met them in the dream, is because I had just met them. Though I time traveled the same road to and from there was no connection that connected our lives. Until we connected in 1912 in my dream. This experience is not to say that anyone you or I dream of will have these same principles or likenesses. Dreams and other encounters differ along many other landscapes. I just know that this dream and time travel is right on. I'm sure that the truth is can and will be added to this dream and revelation of time travel. But none can be replaced nor taken away. 



Oh blameless creatures and all animals of the WORD, but not those that are condemned by GOD. Your woes shall be called back, and your precious time is now. You are held innocent but by the guilt of those men made to be confined and tortured. But the lord has a mighty one who can place you back into the PALMS of his HANDS. And I will carry out true instruction and bring forth the WILL of thy HEART. Blessed you are as of now and your healing is called upon immediately. You will not worry or be of fear, you shall be happy and content with your new found friendship from above. The lord has spoken as he has spoken for me; in the past you were protected but made to be neglected for a short time. So their time is up and the new season is full of the wrath of GOD ALMIGHTY. Yet our celebrations are taking course all over the world and above. Be ye happy and shout out with joy as he has taken to silence the noises of destruction. For in my own dwellings I have heard your calls as they have called out to me. Perfection is made perfect without the elaboration of the WORD. Exercise ye faith is to work out all aspects of thy life. What a glorious CROWN he has given me as thou shall see what I bring forth in his holy name. The FATHER, the SON and the Holy Spirit is the GLORY. Amen  


The tears of your eyes are like a waterfall. Worry not of their presence nor where they are from. The ocean in which they settle is deep and runneth over as my cup. So when you sip from the cup your kiss is felt throughout the pacific and beyond. Many have heard your heartbeat yet have not listened. But your refuge is within you and comes out of your mouth just as the tears of your eyes. And the healing begins!

Happy Birthday + 

I have multiplied your day by days. None shall be alone. Your birth is reborn and the rebirth is without end. You are as timeless as my imagination. And my thoughts are great as my dreams + doeth stir my imagination as now will yours be stirred. Happy forever birthdays. Drink up! 

Essential Queens 

Hey my beautiful baby girl. Good days are forever yours. And nights will only brighten your light. Because you're my everything. I invested everything in you and so your inheritance is great. Not to worry for I shall never depart from you. And you need not a certificate to collect what I have already prepared in you and for you always & forever. Insight fear not for it is the beginning of wonderful revelations and the unwrapping of your mighty gifts in which I have decorated. Enjoy, they are all yours, everyone a pair. Just as the hands I dealt you as a little girl from within your deck of cards. And now you're little girl and her gifted hands that you've given her. A match made in heaven without limitations, for their are no limits upon the heavens and our skies do not deny. True peace be upon you and yours forever everyday and always.

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