City of BeUpOne aQueena "New contract" 

Awesome news is upon the city of BeUpOne aQueena. All residents, members and followers are beneficiaries of a new contract upon God. Our God given renewal abilities are within the imagination of every participant. Because my flesh exists in our imaginary city it has a real effect upon real lives. Body parts, organs, muscle, blood, air, wind, water, electricity, gas, earth and all things relatable are made new. Faith has an overwhelmingly advantage in renewal power. Becoming a member is second nature and following is third. Showing mere interests has its benefits. Walk in faith and reap all rewards. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. The end is here, a new beginning is now. Renewal energy is not renewable. It is self-sufficient among our peers. Handicap men, women and children will come in handy. E&J Brandy, fine & dandy among all communities. Our cup runneth over. Drinketh!

City of BeUpOne aQueena "Ageless" 

Our city is timeless, and our souls & spirit are ageless. My flesh is thereby unique and renews progressively. Acceptance into the city is unifying each soul upon one spirit. BeUpOne aQueena is the spirit, and every soul belongs to us. We are a dynasty upon God and our lord Jesus Christ. My signature has paved the way for testimony integration. Upon all grass we exist, and all of the land is ours. Our heavenly contract is signed sealed and delivers. Thievery is historically eliminated. Filthiness is like being on fire. Extinguishing with water creates mud and more fire. Righteous choices extinguish all fires and add to all desires. We are deliverers of righteousness; you all are witnesses. Integrate our testament with testimony and make followers & members of witnesses. 

City of BeUpOne aQueena "Blood bank" 

The city of BeUpOne aQueena has invested pure blood into our community. I am the only resident of flesh, so there is only one type of blood. Type "one" blood is the city's universal trademark. And our deposits & withdrawals are donated to all worlds. We are heavenly, our blood is enriched in white blood cells and are allies of all earth's inhabitance. Crowns of Kings & Queens, delivery by all means. Viruses and parasites are visually removed. Our blood is one, yet plural, and snow white. Undefeated and never to be defeated. Protectors of the world's health organizations. Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:19-21 KJV. 

City of BeUpOne aQueena "Human trafficking" 

Human trafficking in the city of BeUpOne aQueena is of the human spirit. It is associated with flesh, and the sin of mankind. Under direction of the king of all king's and lord of all lords human trafficking is now sanctified. Bondage is not enforced, freewill is encouraged. Those that engage in sexual acts or physical labor will find credence within the city's unlimited population. Oversight is attainable upon legal or illegal activities. Guidance is always relatable. The city of BeUpOne aQueena is imaginary, our laws are ideas not condensed. Complexity has its place in some relationships, unlike others that are common. People are not creatures of habit from the beginning. But are weaned for long periods of time. Righteousness rises in all eyes and chaos is seen no more. Therefore, our vision are visionaries. And our wisdom elementary. 

City of BeUpOne aQueena "Utilities Included" 

Utilities are immaculately enthroned within the city and upon our community. Citizens of our nation are repairers and overseers of power & sanitation. Our services are provided freely documented as utilities included. Officials of the city enforce and encourage clean health protocols throughout all governments. Our government is the governing body of all governments. Every resident of the city is connected to their residence. One helps and protects the other. The city of BeUpOne aQueena has replaced the law with new law. Our new law removes injustice and upholds righteousness. Failure can no longer be accepted. Our governing body oversees both landlord and tenant, singular or plural. For this relationship must work together as one. Respecting one another is to respect oneself. As it is in the holy city. Speak not against your neighbor nor cause wasting. Accumulation assembles upon you and your property thereafter. You have heard these words before among other warnings. But our new law is enforced from within you. And the kingdom of God make not mistakes. 

City of BeUpOne aQueena "New Times" 

In the city of BeUpOne aQueena time is unlimited. Our times are healing and beyond rules or understanding. We are multidimensional & multidirectional. All of the city's residents are afforded the ability to travel in the past, present, future and beyond. We are all of good timing, and only good times proceed. Our city is imaginary, and our imagination is a nation upon all nations. Where one imagines, many exists. We are collectors and restorers of good times and fond memories. Mental therapy is not needed within the city. For the rapists do not exists. Sovereignty is ours; we are all informed. Our minds are empowered by our imagination and there is no contention. Mistakes do not exist in our everyday work. Negative experiences, worries and unpleasant memories are defeated then placed into deletion. The city of BeUpOne aQueena conforms all good times together creating new ones. Our new times are multiplied in success and good is now multidimensional. 

City of BeUpOne aQueena "Wealth" 

The city of BeUpOne aQueena began investing in Small & medium size banks. Our partnership has begun to prosper and multiply. Revenue created in interests within our communities allow our success. Communion serves us and appreciates our value. Profit or nonprofit is profitable. Prophecy is the guiding light of the city, and our connection is perfect. Litigation awaits upon my shoulder and weighs heavily on our oppressors. Competitors are welcomed, competition is none. Our ally saves and our lord is savior. Enrichment of our community comes with noticeability but without haughtiness. God is our primary investor & tax collector. Our debt and debtors are forgiven. Digital currency is our investment in the world. The city of BeUpOne aQueena invests old currency for new technology. And our annuities are forever. Homework is a down payment towards ownership. Equity is our home & loan. 

City of BeUpOne aQueena "Healthcare" 

The city of BeUpOne aQueena has created a healthcare program for all of our members and followers. Our healthcare beneficiaries are associated with the City's faith-based community. Benefits are created in whole life insurance with life term expectancies. Every policy is equivalent, and the community grows together as one. None of the city is underserved. The community's faith is great, and its honor multiplied. The people of the world and beyond shall benefit from its light. For it provides son light, greater than any sun. Our healing capabilities are unlimited & unchallenged. Sunbathing is as bathing in tranquility with cleanliness unto God. Our healthcare is not measured by coverage or false claims. All claims of the city are true, and all claims of our community is proof. Every policy is engraved in life skills management upon our kingdom of Jesus Christ. Benefits of our healthcare program are guaranteed. And our lives & terms are forever streaming. Every family member and all friends associated with a beneficiary is covered by our healthcare program. Less he or she continually deny their own inheritance. 

City of BeUpOne aQueena "Prayer" 

Prayers have filled the mailbox of the city. Earthlings have specified their concerns. Multitudes of nations on earth and beyond have prayed and are praying for better days. We the residents of BeUpOne aQueena have been assigned to answer all prayers, through human nature. We are given this task by God himself as flesh & spirit teaches flesh how to better understand spirit. No more will we go without seeing prayers that were indeed answered. All answers shall come from within us. Everyone will get to know his or her own authorization. And true authority will prosper intelligently. Many have prayed in silence for the people and the congregations of earth. But prayers were made to be rumors when others spoke of words that were never heard. Lay not nervous in your condition nor ponder in religion for our ideology is unification. And the city of BeUpOne aQueena is also a nation among nations. Our blemishes become blessings and our children know our lessons. For they are the first fruit of our seeds and believed in us when all of us didn't believe. Prayers are collected together and connects us to God forever. Amen

City of BeUpOne aQueena "Creation " 

A city created of imagination. Yet for everyone that follows, like a fantasy it shall appear. And believers will prosper throughout its everlasting existence. Built to coexist in drama as a safe haven for humanity among all societies. I am the only being of flesh and spirit in it. My soul is the link that connects the city and all worlds together in passion. Its existence is imaginary. But in every universe & in heaven and earth it exists. It is the only new star of heaven and is seen in every dimension and manifestation. All of the city's population are of spirit and soul. I am the only one of spirit, soul and flesh. The soul is the key to the door. The good spirit is the way. My flesh is proof that the city exists. And so I clean and restore my Queen. Please allow your imagination to run wild and free upon me. I am going to show you things that you describe as unbelievable though you know it to be true. And even if you choose not to believe. The truth will always be here for you. The gates are always open for believers. And keys are provided for all followers. But to those that don’t believe nor follow in mystery or curiosity. Surely will be without insight and unable to imagine anything.

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