City of BeUpOne aQueena "Utilities Included"

Utilities are immaculately enthroned within the city and upon our community. Citizens of our nation are repairers and overseers of power & sanitation. Our services are provided freely documented as utilities included. Officials of the city enforce and encourage clean health protocols throughout all governments. Our government is the governing body of all governments. Every resident of the city is connected to their residence. One helps and protects the other. The city of BeUpOne aQueena has replaced the law with new law. Our new law removes injustice and upholds righteousness. Failure can no longer be accepted. Our governing body oversees both landlord and tenant, singular or plural. For this relationship must work together as one. Respecting one another is to respect oneself. As it is in the holy city. Speak not against your neighbor nor cause wasting. Accumulation assembles upon you and your property thereafter. You have heard these words before among other warnings. But our new law is enforced from within you. And the kingdom of God make not mistakes. 

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