City of BeUpOne aQueena "New Times"

In the city of BeUpOne aQueena time is unlimited. Our times are healing and beyond rules or understanding. We are multidimensional & multidirectional. All of the city's residents are afforded the ability to travel in the past, present, future and beyond. We are all of good timing, and only good times proceed. Our city is imaginary, and our imagination is a nation upon all nations. Where one imagines, many exists. We are collectors and restorers of good times and fond memories. Mental therapy is not needed within the city. For the rapists do not exists. Sovereignty is ours; we are all informed. Our minds are empowered by our imagination and there is no contention. Mistakes do not exist in our everyday work. Negative experiences, worries and unpleasant memories are defeated then placed into deletion. The city of BeUpOne aQueena conforms all good times together creating new ones. Our new times are multiplied in success and good is now multidimensional. 

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