City of BeUpOne aQueena "Human trafficking"

Human trafficking in the city of BeUpOne aQueena is of the human spirit. It is associated with flesh, and the sin of mankind. Under direction of the king of all king's and lord of all lords human trafficking is now sanctified. Bondage is not enforced, freewill is encouraged. Those that engage in sexual acts or physical labor will find credence within the city's unlimited population. Oversight is attainable upon legal or illegal activities. Guidance is always relatable. The city of BeUpOne aQueena is imaginary, our laws are ideas not condensed. Complexity has its place in some relationships, unlike others that are common. People are not creatures of habit from the beginning. But are weaned for long periods of time. Righteousness rises in all eyes and chaos is seen no more. Therefore, our vision are visionaries. And our wisdom elementary. 

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