City of BeUpOne aQueena "Wealth"

The city of BeUpOne aQueena began investing in Small & medium size banks. Our partnership has begun to prosper and multiply. Revenue created in interests within our communities allow our success. Communion serves us and appreciates our value. Profit or nonprofit is profitable. Prophecy is the guiding light of the city, and our connection is perfect. Litigation awaits upon my shoulder and weighs heavily on our oppressors. Competitors are welcomed, competition is none. Our ally saves and our lord is savior. Enrichment of our community comes with noticeability but without haughtiness. God is our primary investor & tax collector. Our debt and debtors are forgiven. Digital currency is our investment in the world. The city of BeUpOne aQueena invests old currency for new technology. And our annuities are forever. Homework is a down payment towards ownership. Equity is our home & loan. 

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