I built my dream house on apartments in which I thought was a mountain. My community was hand picked by my own hands. Every one of them has a place in my heart. I knew them as well as I know myself. We were living an American dream, heaven in the neighborhood. But you woke me and allowed me to see the truth. There are others like us some are allies others are enemies. As out of control as it may seem there are rules and regulations. And though I now know that some of the tenants I brought up were brought against me by others with evil intent. I will still accept them as my neighbors. However I shall now raise all of their rent in the will & trust of the lord. I will pay all rent due to CHRIST JESUS. I live freely, as his will & trust exist in me. Every single one shall know the truth in a priceless manner. Wicked ways have tested our faith and many have failed to participate. But the lord has placed a precious and tested stone in me for a sure foundation. I will not stumble or fall but rise in all occasions. Blessed is our lease.



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