Let us prepare a house for the forgotten. It will be for those that are not mentioned in well regards but are constantly spoken against the law. The walls shall be built on high grounds and tall enough to be touched by an angel and blessed by God. The lord himself has sent his own angel which holds the key to the front gate. However this will be an earthly place of virtue. A palace of righteousness and worship for all that come as they are. The buildings that are to be built are for a people that are considered to be a failure in the eyes of those that cannot see. They dress in loose clothing that are of sack cloth and jeans. The average people of the world are strongly against their ways and their freedom. Yet they are the ones that have been put here by Christ himself to remind them of their mistakes. How can anyone argue against the truth? What the lord has joined together let no man come between. Music will be heard and meetings that take on structure and build relationships will blossom. There will be none like these gatherings yet they will take place everywhere but be united as one. A united state of mind following their hearts engraved with words of God. I will live among them and guide them through their ways. Open the jails in the heart of your courtyards and see my vision without looking through your own eyes. Your sight is not truthful so you can’t see your fate. Everything you do must be learned from your mistakes. I build with an open heart and an open mind as fast as a mistake occurs it is corrected instantly without any time to be mistaken. The more time you waist the worse your situation gets. However we bask in the ambient of our father who are in heaven and indulge in the blood of his Son our lord. We are a work of art in constant progress and our progressions far out weigh our sins.

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