Shall mere children raise the parents that brought them to birth? Does a garden plant the gardener? Can an apple tree plant itself then water its root with the juice of its own fruit? When the wind blows no one can see its face, however I will attach myself to the storm. All evil doers and the children they abuse will be shamefully exposed. You wicked dwellers continue to pursue your fate instead of righteous ways. Children equipped with the pods of your limbs. I have seen your likeness and those that you enjoy. They cannot save you or themselves from the glory of the lord. He will come like a thief in the night and you will not recognize him as you have chosen to be your own boss. Your imperfection cannot exist in the midst of his holiness. All of your days are numbered in failure. How have you allowed yourselves to be put to shame in the presence of his grace? They have all refused the messages brought by his messenger. I continually converse with your ears. Yet you have not heard one true word. So now I will stop telling you what to do and ask of you a question. The name of the lord has brought a judgment against you, how do you plead, guilty or no contest.


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