Cancer shall not stand nor will it reap or benefit. It has been gaining ground within our minds bodies and souls. It took the world by storm and threw the bodies of many people in the grave streets before there time. Its filthy ways and temper tantrums caused it to be thrown down from heaven. It lived within our minds and bodies as rental agreements from improper property managers. Then it separated from our godly ways and attacked us with wrong opinions. And it laid its wrong ways into our souls. But I was brought up to kill all cancers and infectious diseases. And so my calling is come and my wrath is now. I will direct my attention to the cancer that surrounds me inside and out. I put it to death at this very moment. Now my word speaks by itself and for itself with no cancer in my throat to choke. My brain is free to reconnect with my mind and body. I thank GOD for his son CHRIST JESUS and my Holy Spirit. The Great Amen!

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