Oh Romeo and Juliet somewhere out there art thou. The people knowest not. But I have summoned you both for your love addiction and self entitlement affliction. There was no trace of thee until now. I shall connect your dots and plots together. No longer shall you play to the ears of your audience. But ye shall be on stage and in the front roll. I bear not your words but your herds have I heard. The crumpling of leaves have formed a crumb trail to their hearts. And I increase their pulse as one. Never has there been such an audience captured on film. A video of the great escape seen by many witnesses before and after. No agency of any sort knew of anything nor anyone. It is only believable because they are all together. One backs the other's words and the others become one truth. A circle of trust as the world turns. It is said that it takes two to tango. But I alone have danced the night away.

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