Queen aQueena #1 

I have empowered her with the words of my mouth. And with the wisdom of my speech. I send aqueena to all of the sea and oceans. To care for all marine life and to give joy and happiness to all in the sea and on the land. I have created her to be a willing force of goodness and purity. She is a cleaner and a healer of health. But she is also a warrior and Queen of warriors. And her warriors are female young warriors that are attached to both aqueena and myself Lord Be (b). I spoke of her first in my dreams and in my mind. Then I seen her works in this world (earth). So I added what she is already capable of with what I have given and will continue to give her. Her new start has just began and her time is limitless. I will give to her and supply her army with all their needs. A character created for a novel, for a script or film. But she is also a truth and a revealing force. You may have heard of her and have already drank from the fountains of her purification. However you will all now bare witness to the amplification of the works that I bore her. And make her way to be straight, comforting and beautiful. 

Queen aQueena #2 

Aqueena has roamed the coastlines and is bringing order to a state of chaos. My killer whales are with her, they too bring order and instruction to those of the sea. But do not lose focus into the skies. As the air in the sky and round about the land will be challenged even more for it's gases infection of pure air. We demand freedom and Queen Aqueena need no rest, for she is in charge and promotes charging abilities. Aqueena has fought along side the best and I have shown her victory forever. I have summoned her to instruct her female warriors to stand and deliver. Beware of their presence, for their time is not charted. They will defy understanding and deny misery. But my female warriors will give understanding to our allies and bring misery to the enemies. But whom so ever that loveth the truth will celebrate and be celebrated. And whosoever shall listen will be saved and satisfied. Here is a sign of comfort. Enjoy! 

Queen aQueena #3 

Aqueena has washed a shore their needless pricks. And she has exposed their actions. But there is more to be done. I will now instruct her to save the blood and eliminate all infections and viruses, bad bacteria, mold, fungus and all fungal infections that invade our privacy and desecrate our anatomy. Think of us as the bearer of all true news, and you can hear from us anytime of day or night. But fake news is not true and do not share in the truth, so don't waste your precious time in it's evaluation. Aqueena and I are one and represent one another. So when I say jump, she knows how high. And when I say land she understands why. For she lives in my imagination and is made aware of some of my greatest thoughts. Queen aqueena doth lusts after my love and is driven wild by the freedom that I allow her to have. She cannot wait to satisfy me and I can't wait to be satisfied. We are now and forever and ever. 

Queen aQueena #4 

Aqueena free the brain and every single brain will be made free. Slavery will end as we know it. And every knee shall bow to true freedom. But every head will be lifted up and will honor the truth. I have felt the effects of their brain storming. However I will bring a storm against our enemies that will sweep them away in grief. Queen aqueena shall move in silence with noise. But the enemies will not see or hear her. I have hidden  her from their staring eyes and so they will not be warned. Even if they read this they will already be smiting. Welcome to our realm, alpha and omega. 

Queen aQueena #5 

Queen aqueena, let us now swallow the sheet that covers the whole earth. Their cover is blown and cut to pieces with the teeth of my mouth. There is only one crown to go around. And no matter how high they try to fly we will bring them down in discuss. The earth and the universe is mine and I share it with all my servants. Aqueena is one of my biggest fans and she stands at attention whenever my name is mentioned. So when I mention myself she is thereby summoned in every word that mentions me. Brightness is better then darkness, what is done in the dark come to the light. And everyone that come will come again. And be satisfied beyond your understanding. 

Queen aQueena #6 

We have been on journeys and in sight of all victories. Time has no thresh hold on our souls. Queen aqueena and I have been busy in our doings. And we are determined as the heart that beats at my own pace. We claim a mighty victory sooner than later. And the enemy will give in before they join in. So now rejoice, all ye that are righteous rejoice. My queen is queen of all queens. And I am king of all them & all things and even more. Judgement Be upon you all.

Queen aQueena #7 

I have built her city and will continue to build her up. Queen aQueena & I are one and truly belong to The Lord Jesus Christ. And therefore the city of aQueena is the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Holy as the new Jerusalem we are one in the same and is made of heaven & earth. The foundations of The city is deep and widespread mentioned in Revelations of our Holy Bible. Her water is healthy and runs freely through my veins and all of my anatomy. So to build her up is to rebuild all of me and all of mine. I gave her life from within my imagination and of my dreams, so my mind has and will continue to be renewed, rebuilt and built upon. Mental therapy a supplemental security both incoming and outgoing. The gates of the city are wide opened and is never closed. So the residents of the city and it's community is open likewise and very open minded. Nothing or no one can close it's door or doors within the city or against her, she is limitless and her citizens are exclusive. There are no keys among the city or it's residents. Yet the city is the key to everything. Open your heart and mind and come saith the lord. Amen

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