Queen aQueena #2

Aqueena has roamed the coastlines and is bringing order to a state of chaos. My killer whales are with her, they too bring order and instruction to those of the sea. But do not lose focus into the skies. As the air in the sky and round about the land will be challenged even more for it's gases infection of pure air. We demand freedom and Queen Aqueena need no rest, for she is in charge and promotes charging abilities. Aqueena has fought along side the best and I have shown her victory forever. I have summoned her to instruct her female warriors to stand and deliver. Beware of their presence, for their time is not charted. They will defy understanding and deny misery. But my female warriors will give understanding to our allies and bring misery to the enemies. But whom so ever that loveth the truth will celebrate and be celebrated. And whosoever shall listen will be saved and satisfied. Here is a sign of comfort. Enjoy! 

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