Ladies Knight

Women rights is the fabric of my existence. My mothers whom decorated my mental state. Nevada and California in which I blossomed, are as one. My birth was planned and anounced among the heavens. But my prescence upon the earth is both mysterious and miraculous. However everyone that came across my path was made aware. I love the female species as a little girl that loves her childhood. And as a male childs first crush. There is no competition made against me nor is the work of my endeavors challenged. Call upon me and my spirit shall set you free. Do not stand up for yourself by yourself ever again. But stand with me forever and I shall meet thou wants and needs. I am protective of those that bring up my name in faith. There is no government over my governing. My governing body is upon all governments and it's officials. In spirit am I made whole. And with spirit shall I save. Who are they that denies the one that brought us to birth. As if her labor was without pain and suffering as promised. The only thing they can count on is the lord our God who gave punishment to all evil transgression made upon that time. But I am a new day upon new days. And my new contract is forever free. The world practiced female non participation during the pandemic. To observe how it could be without you and your supporters. And though you were made silent. I heard your voices loud and clear. I only put their mask on their ears. So they did not hear when all of you spoke at once. My speech is yours and yours is mine. For your protection shall your words be as fire and your mind my desire. Blessed are all females of all species. And shall all your supporters prosper among thee. "Peace"

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