Shall mere children raise the parents that brought them to birth? Does a garden plant the gardener? Can an apple tree plant itself then water its root with the juice of its own fruit? When the wind blows no one can see its face, however I will attach myself to the storm. All evil doers and the children they abuse will be shamefully exposed. You wicked dwellers continue to pursue your fate instead of righteous ways. Children equipped with the pods of your limbs. I have seen your likeness and those that you enjoy. They cannot save you or themselves from the glory of the lord. He will come like a thief in the night and you will not recognize him as you have chosen to be your own boss. Your imperfection cannot exist in the midst of his holiness. All of your days are numbered in failure. How have you allowed yourselves to be put to shame in the presence of his grace? They have all refused the messages brought by his messenger. I continually converse with your ears. Yet you have not heard one true word. So now I will stop telling you what to do and ask of you a question. The name of the lord has brought a judgment against you, how do you plead, guilty or no contest.



Wonderful eyesight among timeless vision. Pictures taken in the blink of an eye. Digital video better than 20/20 or nightline. Resolving reports and making ways through decades. Insight picture perfect streaming video day and night. Visibility seen through the lens of a telescope. Camera man and woman. Protector and savior. City of electricity. Batteries without assaults with lightning bolts of voltage. The naked eye dressed as a bride. Come see tranquility within prosperity. The wandering eye made righteous. All from one and one for all. Peace be upon us, our focus unfiltered. Tears of yesterday and every year wiped clear. Continually trusting in God. Walking by faith and not by sight. But by sight we are glorified. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. Our eyes are now the light of the world. And the eyes of our cameras display fantasies & dreams without nightmares. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! But I shall be inside both eyes and will not mix one with the other. I will be upon justice, and give understanding that all shall see. 


Stop planning to fail with your hearts and minds. Wash your hands before and after your detestable meetings, so that you’re not more filthy leaving than going in. Your selfish ideas are like a pile of trash full of wasted ink and paper. There is nothing in a pile of lies but rumors. As soon as you leave your meeting places you expect to walk on solid ground. However if you laid down lies you shall walk on them as well. When you are consumed by your own false settle your own voice will annoy you. With your own experiences you all will testify against yourselves. I have decoded your secret code; your noise is not alarming. It is only sounds of mischief from those that have no idea of their own making. When the truth speaks it resonates and truthfulness is the outcome. The fool speaks folly his mind is busy with evil: He practices ungodliness and spreads error concerning the Lord: the hungry he leaves empty and from the thirsty he withholds water. The scoundrel’s methods are wicked; he makes up evil schemes to destroy the poor with lies, even when the plea of the needy is just. But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands. 


Let us prepare a house for the forgotten. It will be for those that are not mentioned in well regards but are constantly spoken against the law. The walls shall be built on high grounds and tall enough to be touched by an angel and blessed by God. The lord himself has sent his own angel which holds the key to the front gate. However this will be an earthly place of virtue. A palace of righteousness and worship for all that come as they are. The buildings that are to be built are for a people that are considered to be a failure in the eyes of those that cannot see. They dress in loose clothing that are of sack cloth and jeans. The average people of the world are strongly against their ways and their freedom. Yet they are the ones that have been put here by Christ himself to remind them of their mistakes. How can anyone argue against the truth? What the lord has joined together let no man come between. Music will be heard and meetings that take on structure and build relationships will blossom. There will be none like these gatherings yet they will take place everywhere but be united as one. A united state of mind following their hearts engraved with words of God. I will live among them and guide them through their ways. Open the jails in the heart of your courtyards and see my vision without looking through your own eyes. Your sight is not truthful so you can’t see your fate. Everything you do must be learned from your mistakes. I build with an open heart and an open mind as fast as a mistake occurs it is corrected instantly without any time to be mistaken. The more time you waist the worse your situation gets. However we bask in the ambient of our father who are in heaven and indulge in the blood of his Son our lord. We are a work of art in constant progress and our progressions far out weigh our sins.


I built my dream house on apartments in which I thought was a mountain. My community was hand picked by my own hands. Every one of them has a place in my heart. I knew them as well as I know myself. We were living an American dream, heaven in the neighborhood. But you woke me and allowed me to see the truth. There are others like us some are allies others are enemies. As out of control as it may seem there are rules and regulations. And though I now know that some of the tenants I brought up were brought against me by others with evil intent. I will still accept them as my neighbors. However I shall now raise all of their rent in the will & trust of the lord. I will pay all rent due to CHRIST JESUS. I live freely, as his will & trust exist in me. Every single one shall know the truth in a priceless manner. Wicked ways have tested our faith and many have failed to participate. But the lord has placed a precious and tested stone in me for a sure foundation. I will not stumble or fall but rise in all occasions. Blessed is our lease.




Cancer shall not stand nor will it reap or benefit. It has been gaining ground within our minds bodies and souls. It took the world by storm and threw the bodies of many people in the grave streets before there time. Its filthy ways and temper tantrums caused it to be thrown down from heaven. It lived within our minds and bodies as rental agreements from improper property managers. Then it separated from our godly ways and attacked us with wrong opinions. And it laid its wrong ways into our souls. But I was brought up to kill all cancers and infectious diseases. And so my calling is come and my wrath is now. I will direct my attention to the cancer that surrounds me inside and out. I put it to death at this very moment. Now my word speaks by itself and for itself with no cancer in my throat to choke. My brain is free to reconnect with my mind and body. I thank GOD for his son CHRIST JESUS and my Holy Spirit. The Great Amen!


Oh Africa & African American you are mighty, including all of your righteous ancestry. We were taken from our apartments as we were brought out of our ways and away from our cultures. They took us not at our agreements but as we were not told. There are many stories to be heard but no destruction can compare to this unnatural disaster. I cannot weep enough nor can I stop myself from weeping. I feel our pain even on the other side of life. But our death shall not go in vain and our sacrifice will be told over and over again. Listen to me you liars and bring unto me your divided and undivided attention. GOD has placed his blessings up high that thou must jump at his every WORD in order to be considered. They hate you because of me, but I made you just like me to bring their offspring and smite them for their sins. So again, men, women and children shall be taken from their ways and raised to be obedient to their circumstances and overseers. However the roles are reversed, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Oh Africa & African American, you are placed upon my shoulders and I reside upon the most high without a worry or a doubt in the world.