Queen aQueena #7

I have built her city and will continue to build her up. Queen aQueena & I are one and truly belong to The Lord Jesus Christ. And therefore the city of aQueena is the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Holy as the new Jerusalem we are one in the same and is made of heaven & earth. The foundations of The city is deep and widespread mentioned in Revelations of our Holy Bible. Her water is healthy and runs freely through my veins and all of my anatomy. So to build her up is to rebuild all of me and all of mine. I gave her life from within my imagination and of my dreams, so my mind has and will continue to be renewed, rebuilt and built upon. Mental therapy a supplemental security both incoming and outgoing. The gates of the city are wide opened and is never closed. So the residents of the city and it's community is open likewise and very open minded. Nothing or no one can close it's door or doors within the city or against her, she is limitless and her citizens are exclusive. There are no keys among the city or it's residents. Yet the city is the key to everything. Open your heart and mind and come saith the lord. Amen

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