Kiely Rodni Dream

I seen Kiely Rodni in a dream, approximately two days after she went missing. I was standing in the parking lot of a bank. She appeared on the sidewalk with two filled plastic bags. And asked if I could help her. I began to walk towards her but I turned my head in another direction for a second. As I looked towards where I last seen her there were only the two plastic bags on the concrete. I figured she wanted help with the bags so I grabbed them and began looking around for her. But she was no where to be found. I instinctively began walking towards the bank parking lot from which I just came. Still looking around for Kiely though. All of a sudden a little girl appeared in front of me. It was if she came from behind me or from out of me. She was approximately six years old and had black straight hair combed backwards. She seemed to be somewhat reluctant to walk with me towards the bank parking lot. However she continued walking in the direction. And as we approached the parking lot she became completely trusting of my presence. Yet I was still looking around for who I now perceived to be Kiely Rodni, who I also thought was the little girls mother. When the little girl and I reached the parking lot space where I thought Kiely car would be parked, there was no car there. Then the little girl asked me where is your (yur) car. I thought to myself without responding out loud. I said to myself where is your mothers car. Infact I was also thinking where is your mother. I then awoke from the dream. Soon after this I saw on the late night news that two bodies were discovered down a mountain side some 70 miles from where Kiely Rodni was last seen or heard from. I wondered if the two bags I grabbed for Kiely represented the two victims that were found just before her. I also believed that the little girl may have represented the spirit of Kiely Rodni's daughter. And that Kiely may have been pregnant upon her death. However these events could mean many different things. But I am a spiritualists with much experience in this category. I have a lot of experience dealing with the supernatural and other similar situations. I am the creator of a non profit organization "BeUpOne aQueena" which support those that search for missing children. Including helping the families, friends and victims both mentally and spiritually. My past dreams and visions is the reason I started my non profit in the year 2021. But my experiences began approximately 15 years ago. Please feel free to leave your comments.

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